According to a report on the use of broadband in Taiwan published by Taiwan Network Information Center, by January 3, 2009, the number of netizens in Taiwan reached 15.8 million with a coverage rate of about 68.94%.

Of the total, the number of Internet users above the age of 12 was 14.2 million, which means 71% of Taiwanese in this age group used the Internet while the number of broadband users above 12 was 13.3 million with a general population coverage rate of 66.5%.

Liang Dexin, professor from the Statistical Information Science Department of the Fu Jen Catholic University and the person in charge of the survey, says that according to the survey results of recent years, most people who did not use the Internet said they did not have necessary equipment or did not need to use the Internet.

The overall use of the Internet in Taiwan in 2008 was 68.94%, which was lower than South Korea's 73.83% and Japan's 73.85%, but higher that Hong Kong's 66% and Singapore's 58.59%.

TWNIC says that this survey lasted from December 7, 2008 to January 3, 2009 and the respondents were telephone users who were above the age of 12 in the 23 counties and cities in and around Taipei. There were 3,284 effective samples in the survey.


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