Chinese telecommunication operator China Unicom has confirmed that the company has sent a group to Europe to purchase 3G communications equipment and has signed contracts with European companies, including the Germany-based Nokia Siemens Networks.

Zuo Xunsheng, vice general manager for China Unicom, reportedly arrived in Germany last week with China's trade and investment delegation sent by the Ministry of Commerce. Zuo attended the Sino-German economic and trade forum and on behalf of China Unicom, signing a letter of intent with Nokia Siemens Networks to purchase the latter's mobile communication equipment and services.

According to the contract, China Unicom will buy about CNY1.6 billion mobile communication equipment and services from Nokia Siemens Networks and deploy Nokia Siemens Networks' WCDMA wireless network equipment in 11 Chinese cities and provinces.

Zuo says China Unicom will enhance cooperation with European companies in the communication sector and create a win-win situation. In addition, the company will take the management of full services and the development of 3G businesses as its engines to develop itself as an leading international broadband communication and information service provider.


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