Southwest Jiaotong University will develop and deploy its wireless campus network using the 3Com Corporation's H3C enterprise wireless networking solution.

The H3C integrated wireless solution will connect the Xipu, Jiuli and Emei campuses of SWJTU, providing wireless access to 50,000 teachers and students in classrooms, lecture halls, dormitories and outdoor common areas. Teachers, students and visitors to SWJTU will enjoy fast, secure and reliable wireless network and inter-campus roaming services. Once complete, 3Com claims it will be the largest wireless campus network in China.

"We offer one of the broadest and freshest portfolios of networking products and solutions in the industry, which is why organizations such as Southwest Jiaotong University are turning to us to build such significant wireless and wired networks," said Bob Mao, 3Com CEO.

As one of the universities in China's "211 Project" — which focuses on developing 100 key universities to lead the way in developing an educational system for the 21st century — SWJTU is an innovator in terms of campus information networking.

Designed to provide the largest capacity and the highest performance in the industry, each access controller module can access 640 access points and support 20,000 wireless client devices. In addition, its scalability safeguards the university's investment and improves the overall processing capability of the system.


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