China Mobile has issued a report on the spam short message incident exposed by CCTV, and the telecommunications company states that people involved in the spam message sending have been punished and a notice of rebuke has been circulated against the company's affiliate Shandong Mobile.

CCTV, China's state-run television service, broadcast an investigative report on March 15, World Consumer Rights Day, that unveiled massive amounts of wireless spam emanating from some telecom bureaus in China.

China Mobile's investigation apparently found that some of the company's branches in Shandong province violated the company's rule which states that no commercial short message sending shall be allowed. In particular, the Dezhou branch breached the company's rule by approving the sending of commercial short messages, and the Rizhao branch was involved in point-to-point commercial short message sending.

Based on the investigation and the company's relevant rules, four people, including the deputy general manager of the Dezhou branch and deputy manager of the client services department of the Rizhao branch have been removed from their posts. Five people, including the managers of the marketing department of Dezhou branch and Rizhao branch have had their job titles downgraded, and the general manager of Dezhou branch was issued a warning.

In addition, China Mobile circulated a notice of criticism against Shandong Mobile, asking it to conduct an internal investigation.


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