HP has resolved patent violation issues with China-based Ninestar Image Company Ltd. relating to HP inkjet cartridges.

"HP is committed to defending its investment in intellectual property and will continue to vigorously pursue legal enforcement against practices that do not respect HP's IP rights," stated Stephen Nigro, senior vice president of the Inkjet and Web Services Business, Imaging and Printing Group at HP. "We are pleased with the timely resolution of this matter and will continue to monitor the marketplace for intellectual property infringements as part of our commitment to worldwide testing and enforcement efforts."

As part of the settlement, Ninestar acknowledges that HP's patents are valid and infringed, and has agreed to stop selling the cartridges in question in the United States and other countries where HP has corresponding patent rights. Additionally, the company has agreed to pay HP an undisclosed sum of money.

This is HP's second patent violation issue with Ninestar. In July 2006, HP filed complaints with both the U.S. District Court and the International Trade Commission for patent infringement relating to a different set of inkjet cartridges. The parties reached a settlement in March 2007 in which Ninestar admitted the validity of HP's patents and agreed to remove its products from specified countries.


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