, an affiliate of Hongcheng Education Group, has donated eight sets of education resources to Spring Rain Project and launched eleven aid stations to assist in China's rural education.

The eleven aid stations are reportedly to be located in eight middle and primary schools from Jishishan Bao'anzu, Dongxiangzu and Salazu Autonomous County in Linxiazhou, Gangsu, and Xinglong County in Chengde, Hebei.

As a public welfare program of International Scientific Exchange Foundation of China, Spring Rain Project aims to make modern information education accessible to all children and promote the scientific aid program in middle and primary schools in the less-developed regions. Spring Rain Project has already established more than 180 scientific aid stations in ten provinces in China.

As the first long-distance education website offering primary and middle school education, has long been involved in charity and the website says its mission is to have every child in China enjoy the best primary and middle school education.

At present, there are 680,000 middle and primary schools in China, and about 78% of them are located in the rural areas with very few of them having computers.


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