Inspur Group, one of China's largest server manufacturers and server solutions providers, has published its report for the 2008 fiscal year as of March 31, 2009, which states that its revenue increased by 20.14% year-on-year in 2008 to CNY23.2 billion.

The company also says its net profit increased by 24% during the same period and all of its business units had gained profits, which was reportedly the best performance since the founding of the company.

For 2009, Inspur says it plans to increase investments in research and development by 24% compared with those in 2008. The company expects that its revenue will maintain a 20% growth rate this year.

At present, Inspur's investments in research and development account for 6% of its total revenue, which is a high ratio in China's technology industry. Compared with its expected 20% revenue growth, its 24% research budget represents a further investment increase in this sector.

In regards to the high performance increase over the past year despite the global financial crisis, Sun Pishu, chairman and CEO of Inspur, attributes it to the company's emphasis on independent innovation.


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