China Telecom, the Chinese telecommunications operator that operates the CDMA network in China, has announced that its 3G signal has now covered all the suburban areas and counties outside the fifth ring road area of Beijing, realizing a full coverage of the city.

By the end of March 2009 when China Telecom Beijing was ready to launch the 3G mobile phone numbers, its 3G network coverage in Beijing has reached over 95%, of which, the indoor coverage within the fifth ring road area of Beijing reached 100%; the outdoor coverage within the fifth ring road reached 98.5%; the indoor coverage outside the fifth ring road reached 99.2%; and the outdoor coverage outside the fifth ring road reached 93.7%.

Since the launch of 3G mobile phone numbers, the company has been engaged in the enhancement of its 3G signal coverage. By April 5, it had completed the upgrades of more than 3,000 CDMA base stations. So far, the CDMA signal of China Telecom has covered all the districts in Beijing, including Miyun, Pinggu, and Huairou.

In addition, China Telecom said with its 3G network interface cards, users can use three types of networks: in areas that are covered by the 3G networks, they can use the EVDO network; in wireless local area network hotspots, they can access the Internet through the wireless broadband; and in areas where neither EVDO nor WLAN is available, they can use the CDMA 1X network, which is available throughout Beijing.


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