Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company has announced its performance for the first quarter of 2009 and states it made NTD39.5 billion during the period, which was higher than expectations.

With the help of the Chinese mainland market and the appreciation of U.S. dollar, TSMC raised its revenue expectation for the first quarter of 2009 and the actual performance of the company was even better than its expectation. Its combined revenue reached NTD39.5 billion, which was higher than the expected amount between NTD36 billion and NTD38 billion.

Compared with the NTD64.56 billion income in the previous quarter, TSMC's revenue decreased by 38.8%, but the revenue in the second quarter of 2009 is expected to rebound by 40% to 50%.

In March 2009 alone, TSMC's non-combined revenue was NTD13.62 billion, a decrease of 48.7% compared with the NTD26.56 billion revenue in the same period last year, but the decrease rate had mitigated compared with the previous three months. In addition, it increased by 18.4% compared with February 2009, ending the continuous decline since November 2008.


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