According to Oliver Ahrens, vice president for Acer Worldwide and newly appointed general manager for Acer China, Acer's headquarters has set three goals for Acer China in 2009, of which, one is to make revenue of over USD1 billion.

Prior to this announcement to local media, chairman of Acer J.T. Wang announced the companies' new strategies of "multi-brand, multi-product" and "Timeline thin and light notebook". Wang said the two strategies are the decisive factors for Acer's success in the future.

On the same day, Ahrens told local media that Acer has set three goals for its Chinese market in 2009. The first goal is to make revenue of USD1 billion this year; the second is to make profits in all businesses of Acer China, including notebooks and desktops; and the third is to gain 10% market share in China's notebook market in the third or fourth quarter of 2009.

So far, Acer's overall market share in China is about 3% and the USD1 billion revenue also brings pressure to Ahrens. However, he said China's PC market still has a wide development space. If Acer can launch products that truly meet the needs of customers, these three goals are all accessible.

Ahrens said in the following three to six months, he will lead its Chinese team to launch more competitive products and provide more cost-efficient products to consumers. In addition, he attaches great importance to distributor channels and will invest several million U.S. dollars to increase the numbers of the company's channels in China by 50%.


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