To set up a long-term effective system for the management of Internet information, China's Hubei province now plans to promote the real-name system for users wishing to create websites and blogs.

Recently, libel cases and privacy infringement issues have become serious problems on the Chinese Internet, especially in the blog and video sharing sectors. To solve these problems, Hubei plans to introduce the background real-name system into the blog sector. With this new measure, netizens who want to open blogs should register with their real names and their names will be submitted to the website administrators. However, their real names will not appear to other netizens, so as to maintain a certain level of privacy for Internet users.

In addition, the province will launch a large scale rectification campaign to purify the contents on mobile phone websites, mobile phone newspapers, video websites, chat rooms, and instant messaging groups to eliminate spoof information. This means new technologies that will soon be introduced to help monitor how Internet users are abusing the Internet's resources in China.


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