According to the Huawei Social Responsibility Report 2008, the Chinese telecommunications solution provider has created a new position of Chief Staff Health and Safety Officer to further enhance its employee security and occupational health programs.

Ji Ping, vice president of Huawei, is said to be the new CSHSO. Fulfilling part of the duties as CSHSO, Ji is now sending emails periodically to the company's employees, reminding them of paying attention to their safety and health. Huawei has set up a health guidance center under the CSHSO to regulate employees' eating, drinking and working and to prevent disease in addition to providing physical and mental consulting services to them.

Data from Huawei shows that the company spent CNY1.44 billion in 2008 on employee welfare. In addition, it released a health report recently detailing the cause and danger of the frequently occurring diseases among its employees and the ways of how to prevent and cure the diseases.

Huawei currently has 87500 employees and most of them are young engineers. The company has long been known in the Chinese technology sector for its voracious corporate culture. In 2006, an employee from Huawei named Hu Xinyu died suddenly. Hu's death was said to result from Huawei's heavy work pressure.


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