Dell and the government of Dalian's Zhongshan district have jointly announced that the two parties will set up a Dell solution center in the district.

The new Dell solution center aims to meet the demands of local government, corporations, educational and medical institutions as well as general consumers. It will show Dell's latest innovative technologies and provide the most complete consulting services and professional IT trainings to its industry partners. In addition, the new solution center will introduce advanced IT technologies to provide customized information solutions to the government of Dalian to help the latter set up an efficient information service system and accelerate its construction of a service-oriented government.

In the future, the solution center will aid Dalian's software outsourcing enterprises in software production and testing to further promote the rapid and continuous development of the industry.


  1. Would you pls let us know of contact information of Dell Factory in China to enable us to correspond with them.

    Best Regards.
    S.A Hosseinian


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