Starting from November 2009, users of China Unicom and China Telecom will be able to apply and use China Mobile's Fetion instant messaging service.

This move aims to promote the mobile instant messaging intercommunication of users within and outside of China Mobile's network and to break the instant messaging barrier of Chinese telecom operators.

Prior to this change, the Fetion service is only limited to users of China Mobile. So far, there are about 180 million registered Fetion users, including 89.16 million active users, making it the second largest instant messaging product in China following Tencent's QQ.

In addition, China Telecom is also engaged in the promotion of instant messaging intercommunication among different telecom operators and it has launched a beta test edition of its eSurfing Live instant messaging product, which allows users of China Telecom to send short messages with computers to users of China Mobile and China Unicom.


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