Jiangxi Communication Administration has issued a notice to basic communication operating enterprises in the province, stating that it bans the signing of exclusive communication construction agreements.

This move aims to better promote joint construction and sharing of telecommunication infrastructures in Jiangxi and to fully integrate telecom resources of these basic telecom operating enterprises. It also encourages better bidding processes on projects that can benefit mobile users in the province.

According to the requirements of the administration, local telecom operating enterprises should not sign exclusive agreements to prevent the participation of other enterprises when build, rent or buy telecom infrastructures from third parties; those have already been signed should be rectified immediately; any organization or individual should not interfere with the construction of telecom facilities or telecom services provided to users, with exceptions to those banned or limited by the government; and enterprises which have signed exclusive agreements and do not make rectifications will be punished by the administration in accordance with related regulations.

Jiangxi Communication Administration states that it pays great attention to the joint construction and sharing of telecom infrastructures. Since the launch of the first joint construction and sharing project on March 27, 2009, the province has completed the joint construction of 208 base stations and 200 transmission towers. It also completed the sharing of 710 base stations and 697 transmission towers. All these measures saved investments of about CNY200 million and reduced the occupancy of land resources.


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