, the search engine subsidiary of the Chinese Internet portal, has announced that it has launched one of the world's first input methods based on cloud computing technology.

Wang Xiaochuan, senior vice president of, told local media that the new Sogou cloud input method has advantages such as being cross-platform and installation-free. It is compatible in various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS; and it can be used in mainstream browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox, as well as in's own browser product.

Users who want to use this new product do not need to download any software and they can visit the website for Sogou's cloud input method and save it to their browser favorites. While visiting other websites, users can click to active the input method.

Wang said unlike general input methods, the Sogou cloud input method completely relies on the computing of servers, which can improve the accuracy of the input words, especially the accuracy of long sentences when inputting lots of Chinese-language data.



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