Deng Haihua, spokesperson for China's Ministry of Health, revealed at the 4th China Health Communication Conference held in Beijing that the ministry is optimizing its press spokesperson system and will soon create the new position of "Internet spokesperson".

He said the Internet spokesperson is a component of its spokesperson system. Prior to this, some local health departments in Yunnan, Guangdong, and Guizhou have launched their own Internet spokesperson systems to give citizens better access to health-related information emanating from the government.

According to Deng, the Internet has already been generally used for press releases. However, further discussion is still needed for the establishment of the Internet spokesperson system. The ministry will work out a plan to combine the current spokesperson system with the Internet spokesperson system and will build a special Internet spokesperson platform on its official website in the future.

This platform will not only be used to release daily news, but also will provide feedback about public views and issues collected via other channels. In addition, some important policy brochures will be published on this platform.


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