International software designer Autodesk has signed a strategic cooperation memorandum with Guangdong Economic and Information Commission.

Under the memorandum, Autodesk will strengthen its cooperation with the government and industry enterprises in Guangdong in the next few years to accelerate the industry environment construction, talent training, and industry upgrade in the province.

Autodesk will provide the latest two-dimension and three-dimension software products as well as technology and services supports, especially the technology support for the applications of energy-saving and environmental protection information technologies, to the design, engineering, and entertainment sectors of Guangdong. The company will also assist Guangdong's reform of traditional industries to improve the competitiveness of these industries.

Carl Bass, president and CEO of Autodesk, said that using the most advanced designs, technologies, and solutions is the key factor for the innovative development of Guangdong's manufacturing, engineering, and innovative industries. With the world's leading software products, technology supports, industry experiences, and its large research and development center in China, Autodesk will provide the best products and services to users.

Headquartered in the United States, Autodesk focuses on two-dimension and three-dimension design, engineering, and entertainment software. Its products and solutions are widely used in industries such as manufacturing, engineering, and entertainment.


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