Newfangled technology and the rise of living standards has created a greater need for electricity, so Shaanxi Electric Power Company says it will start to promote the construction of a low-carbon grid and support the development of clean energy from this year on to improve the province's energy infrastructure.

According to Sun Zi'an, a representative from SEPC, SEPC will carry out a new peak study on clean energy capacity and the construction of pumped storage power station in 2010, giving full consideration to such issues as the peak modulation and frequency modulation related to clean energy access to cope with any impact brought by clean energy power access to ensure the timely access of clean energy power to the Shaanxi grid. Sun stated that the installation capacity of clean energy power in SEPC is expected to reach five million kilowatts by 2012 when the province's high energy consumption and high pollution power structure would be greatly improved.

SEPC will also start the construction of the 750 kilovolts Guanzhong-Yan'an-Yulin transmission and distribution project and enhance the grid structure of grid less than 330 kilovolts.

Currently, Shaanxi mainly relies on coal power.


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