According to, a Chinese communications industry portal, 30 Chinese mobile service providers, including Hurray and Sohu, have been punished for various irregular operations in recent weeks in Shandong.

The website reported that these 30 service providers are involved in irregular service billing, fake promotions, irregular operation of short message order services, non-standard pricing, and confusing service fees. Under related regulations, the companies were ordered to suspend ports or remove related services, and will face credit point deduction.

These 30 service providers include Hurray, Sohu, Shanghai Palmtom, Shenzhen Meisi, Beijing Ruiditong,, Huadong Feitian,, Hunan Zhiyuan, Kongzhong Xinshi, Tianying Jiuzhou, Lanbow Gotom, Quantiantong,, Shandong Honglian, Wanbang Xinji, Dongfang Shanglv, Tianxia Technology, Nanjing Wodewang, Beijing Jiaxin Hesheng, Beijing Hongxun, Changsha Plam Information,, Shenzhen Taite, Shenzhen Caimeng, Shanghai Shanda, MegaJoy, Shanghai LemonQuest, Shanghai Hengrui, and Beijing Chengxitong.

The above companies are all cooperation partners of China Mobile, with exception of Shanghai Shanda, and the penalties are reportedly limited to Shandong province.


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