Xiamen-based mobile phone manufacturer Amoi Electronics Company has published its annual financial report for 2009, stating that its net profit attributable to shareholders for 2009 was CNY697.62 million.

The report stated Amoi's operating revenue was CNY306.85 million in 2009, decreased by 82% from CNY1.68 billion in 2008; while its earnings per share were CNY1.62.

The firm said it already has the conditions for relisting and its board of directors has submitted an application to the Shanghai Stock Exchange to recover the listing.

Prior to this, Amoi was ordered to make a reorganization by Xiamen Intermediate People's Court on September 18, 2009. On November 23, its bankruptcy and reorganization plan was approved by the court and the period for the reorganization was six months.

According to Amoi, its bankruptcy reorganization is drawing to a close and its asset restructuring is undergoing final preparation. The company said it will introduce a new investor, Xiamen Xiangyu Group, as it promised in the plan and the group will transfer no less than CNY1 billion worth of assets to Amoi to help the latter resume trading this year.


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