Chinese software and online games company Kingsoft has announced that its Kingsoft Duba has reached cooperation with Thai online game operator Asiasoft, and the two parties will jointly launch a Thai-language edition of Kingsoft Duba.

This move marks Kingsoft's formal entry into the Thai market and it is also the company's first major measure in the Southeast Asian market following its international distribution of full lines of businesses. With the cooperation, Kingsoft will launch the Thai-language edition of its anti-virus software Kingsoft Duba in Thailand. Kingsoft will be responsible for the software and technology parts, while Asiasoft will be in charge of the sales of the software in the country.

Qiu Bojun, chairman and CEO of Kingsoft, told local media that the cooperation with Asiasoft will create a new overseas camp for Kingsoft. In 2010, Kingsoft will continue to expand its overseas businesses to enhance cooperation with local quality operators and to further improve the permeability of its products in new markets.

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Bangkok, Asiasoft is a leading online game operator in Thailand and Southeast Asia. It operates online games in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, and Malaysia, and it is also engaged in the co-publishing and development of new products.


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