According to Fang Zhonghua, senior vice president of Founder Group, the company is currently promoting the establishment of the format standards and the copyright pricing standards for Chinese e-books.

Fang told local Chinese media that without genuine content and by only relying on the model of selling equipment and downloading pirated contents will finally lead to a price war. Founder is now engaged in the setting up of an e-book industry alliance, which will include writers, publishers, operators, hardware makers, and technology providers. These parties will jointly discuss and work out Chinese-language e-book format standards, copyright protection standards, and pricing principles to promote the related legislation and financial support by the government.

During the World E-paper Conference and Electronic Reader Exposition 2010, Founder displayed its new customized mobile application idea of a 3G information platform WeFound, which extends the reading function of electronic readers to a wider range covering news, financial securities information, textbook reading, and document issuance.

Fang said apart from industry user-oriented products, Founder will launch e-book products customized for the mass consumer market in the future. With the participation of more companies in the industry chain, the prices of e-books are expected to further decrease.


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