Chinese electronics retailer Suning has released its "2009 Achievement Report and 2009 Corporate Social Responsibility Report".

Compiled reportedly according to Shenzhen Securities Exchange's CSR Guide for Listed Companies and in reference to China CSR Report Writing Guide and Sustainable Development Report Guide of the Global Reporting Initiative, Suning's new CSR report shows a CSR model with strong characteristics of the Chinese retailing industry. According the report, Suning's CSR system is comprised of six parts: value mission, win-win mission, service mission, employee mission, environment mission and harmony mission. The most appealing part of the report is that Suning has established an environmental responsibility model which is applicable to many other retailing enterprises in China.

The achievement report reveals that Suning opened 182 new stores and achieved a total business revenue of CNY58.3 billion in 2009. In the meantime, the company set up a systematic CSR management system by actively participating in CSR activities. It says that Suning created 16000 new jobs in 2009 and paid a total of CNY3.1 billion in tax, which was an increase of 53.7% over that of the previous year in the year.

Suning released its first CSR report, which was also the first CSR report of China's electronics retailing industry, in July 2009.


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