Over 100 e-guides have been launched for the The Three Kongs of Qufu, one of the most famous scenic spots in Shandong Province, and another 200 e-guides will be added at the spot during the Spring Festival.

The Three Kongs of Qufu refers to the Confucian Temple, Confucian Mansion and Confucian Grove. A representative from Qufu where the Three Kongs is located says that they introduced RFID cards and a few e-guides on a trial basis in December last year in order to build the scenic spot into a 5A grade spot.

The e-guide contains information about the scenic spot's architecture, history and related legends apart from a street guide and picture displays. The information is provided in Chinese, English, Korean and Japanese. The fee for renting the e-guide is CNY10 for Chinese and CNY20 for other languages.

Located at the south end of Mount Tai in central Shandong Province, Qufu is an old cultural city with a history of 5000 years. It is an important birthplace of traditional Chinese culture and a cradle of Eastern culture.


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