The world's leading technology company IBM has launched its Global Business Services in Qingdao, Shandong province, to provide strategic consulting services to Qingdao and the surrounding areas by integrating IBM's worldwide advantageous resources.

Marc Chapman, general manager for Greater China of IBM Global Business Services, said that with its concept of breakthrough and innovation, IBM Global Business Services will effectively combine global practice and consulting services to help outstanding enterprises in Qingdao and the surrounding areas expand new markets, realize sustainable development while maintaining their domestic Chinese market.

A consulting expert from IBM pointed out to local media that during the process of growth, enterprises should focus more on its governance model, management model, operation, and risk control to effectively reduce costs, enhance control, improve coordinating capacity, and build high-performance teams, so as to accelerate the business growth of enterprises and the improvement of their competitiveness.

IBM Global Business Services will also cooperate with local partners to fully support the development of the coastal economic zone of Shandong. It will focus on the strategic cooperation with enterprises in this industry to make contributions for the development of the low-carbon economy and the construction of a blue economic zone.


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