Chinese telecom operator China Unicom has announced the official opening of its new subsidiary in Singapore.

The Chinese company has appointed Liu Hong the new general manager to be in charge of the daily management of the newly-established subsidiary.

China Unicom's Singapore branch is located in Suntec City, providing three types of products and services, including international data service, wholesale VoIP, and information communication technologies, to its users in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. This is reportedly China Unicom's first operating company in Southeast Asia.

Han Zhigang, vice president of China Unicom, said at the launch ceremony of the Singapore brand that the newly established operating company in Singapore in a key part for China Unicom's globalization strategy.

So far, China Unicom has set up branches in North America, Europe, Japan, and Hong Kong, in addition to its 31 branches on the Chinese mainland. Its overseas operating companies mainly provide international voice, data, and mobile roaming services to international operators, enterprises, and business users.


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