Chinese Internet security software provider Kingsoft has launched new privacy protection software, aiming to protect the private files of users.

Kingsoft announced that its new privacy protection product will not only protect users' documents and chatting records on various instant messaging platforms, but also allow users to customize their private files and cookies.

According to an Internet survey quoted by Kingsoft in local media, nearly 90% netizens in China said that they do not want their Internet privacy, including online chat records, personal photos and files, and account numbers and passwords of online banks, to be monitored, viewed or collected by third parties without their consent. With Kingsoft's new software, users can customize their own private files and select the files that need to be protected.

Kingsoft said that the new privacy protection software takes file protection as its core. Once the protected files are invaded, the software will warn users. At the same time, Kingsoft claimed that the software itself will strictly follow security principles, and will not spy on users' private documents. In addition, the software will not decrease the speed of the system or cause compatibility problems.


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