Unlike its overseas rival Google.com, Chinese search engine Baidu.com is apparently showing that it is fully committed to working with the Chinese government to enhance the government's ability to rid the Internet of "bad"information.

According to Chinese news website Techweb, Baidu has announced the launch of a special campaign, and it will invest CNY100 million to set up a fund to crack down on bad Internet information.

The special campaign will include four measures: Baidu will invest CNY100 million to enhance its technology and management while enlarging its professional team; it will cooperate with the China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Centre to open fast reporting channels on each of its search result pages; it will cooperate with government organs such as public security and the food and drug administration departments to crack down on key cases; and it will set up a CNY10 million fund to propagate Internet safety among Chinese netizens.

Robin Li, chief executive officer of Baidu, reportedly told local media that since its founding, Baidu has been committed to providing Chinese netizens with an easy way to gain information. With the development of the Internet, it is more important to provide the netizens with "correct information".

Shen Haoyu, senior vice president of Baidu, also reportedly said that Baidu has been striving to fight bad and false Internet information. From January to November 2010, it has reportedly cataloged over ten million false web pages and over one million false websites.

Meanwhile, the company has approved over 800 organizations to join its open platform. These organizations apparently provide correct customer service phone numbers and services like software downloads.


  1. You did not go so far as to say Baidu.com is an instrument of the PRC government but that is exactly what they are and all the other Chinese internet co's who follow censorship.

    If the USA Senate can get the USA internet executives in front of them to talk about their problems in China, why can't the Senate also call the CEO of Baidu in front of them to account for how he and his company are doing these things? Baidu is a company traded in the USA so they should be following USA laws!!

  2. There is all this news that facebook's Zuckerberg is in China now but you are not reporting on this? I think the biggest story is something nobody is tracking and that is did Zuckerberg get a Business Visa to visit China or a Travel Visa?

    This is a very important topic because it shows that either Zuckerberg is breaking the law in China or he is about to do a big business deal in China.

    Because Zuckerberg is meeting at companies and talking business, he must have a Business Visa to travel to China. Without a Business Visa, it is illegal for him to talk Business with anybody in China. However, to get a Business Visa, he must be sponsored by a Chinese company and he must have directly received a "letter of invitation" from a Chinese company.

    So let us assume that Zuckerberg is not breaking the law in China and that he already secured a Business Visa. If he did secure a Business Visa, from what company gave him that Business Visa? Was it Baidu.com or Sina.com or some other company? If we know this information, we can decide which company he is going to do a deal with. That company must have written an "invitation letter" and submit that to the closest Commerce Department in Beijing or Shanghai or wherever else he is visiting before they mailed it to him in the USA to submit to the Chinese embassy for his visa to China. Which company submit this invitation letter to Zuckerberg?

    If however Zuckerberg just got a Travel Visa to China, he does not need to get an invitation letter but he is also breaking the laws in China by talking business. So the big question is if Zuckerberg is breaking the laws of China by traveling on a Tourist Visa but he is talking Business with companies in Beijing. Is He?? If so, he should be banned from re-entry to China. His facebook.com website is already breaking the laws of China and it is blocked so he too should either be arrested in China for being the leader of a banned website or he should be kicked out of China right??

    I do not know what visa he got to come to China.

  3. Zuck represents money and the Chinese value money over the rule of law. It doesn't matter if he's the correct visa or not on his lame passport.


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