A new code of conduct for telecommunications companies' interactions with mobile consumers in Hong Kong is gaining accolades from the government.

Hong Kong's Office of the Telecommunications Authority says it welcomes the efforts of the Communications Association of Hong Kong in promulgating the "Industry Code of Practice for Telecommunications Service Contracts" for adoption by the telecommunications industry.

"OFTA welcomes the efforts of the CAHK and the participating telecommunications service providers in formulating the Industry Code. OFTA fully supports this collaborative action of the industry to adopt a harmonised practice for drawing up contracts on telecommunications services that is fair, balanced and reasonable for both the consumers and the industry. This initiative demonstrates the responsiveness of the industry in addressing the needs and expectations of the telecommunications service users," a spokesperson of OFTA stated in a press release.

The spokesperson said that OFTA is confident that the implementation of the code will go a long way towards addressing effectively contractual related complaints and disputes.

"OFTA will monitor the implementation of the Industry Code and maintain close dialogue with the industry on need for further enhancement in future, taking into account the experience in enforcing the Code, the complaint statistics and the progress of Government's proposed legislative amendments to the Trade Descriptions Ordinance," the spokesperson finished.


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