Microsoft China has announced plans to bring Dalian into its "urban development" plan and it will set up a new branch in the city in May 2011.

During the year 2011, Microsoft China will further increase its investment in Dalian, including setting up a new branch, strengthening cooperation with Dalian government in the field of intellectual property protection, and helping Dalian improve its technology level especially in the cloud computing field.

According to local media reports, Microsoft China is currently accelerating its layout in second-tier cities in China. So far, it has carried out the "urban development" strategic cooperation with many cities like Dongguan, Xi'an, Qingdao, and Nanjing.

Microsoft China started its business in Dalian many years ago and it has established Dalian innovation center for talent cultivation. In addition, Microsoft plans to set up a new subsidiary in the city in May and it has started the related recruitment.

Cloud computing is a key content of Microsoft Dalian's "urban development" plan. Microsoft announced that it will cooperate with Dalian Talent Training Center of Anbo Education Group and provide the training center with cloud-computing-related products and solutions.

Moreover, Microsoft will provide assistant and support for its partners with services as follows: first, cooperating with local software companies; second, helping and bringing Microsoft's partners to enter the Dalian market; third, providing IT trainings and software support for local enterprises; and fourth, cultivating talents specializing in software management and techniques so as to promote the development of the local IT industry.


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