According to statistics provided by the three major Chinese telecom operators China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, the number of 3G users largely increased in November 2011, reaching a total of 110 million.

China Unicom reported that the number of its newly increased 3G users was over three million for the first time in November 2011, which was also a new height since June this year. During November 2011, China Unicom's 2G users increased by 214,000 to a total of 159.439 million; while its 3G users increased by 3.384 million to 36.534 million. Meanwhile, China Unicom's newly increased 3G users in 2011 have reached 22.474 million.

In addition, China Unicom previously announced its terminal strategy for 2012, stating that it will focus on the sales of phones with the prices between CNY1,000 and CNY2,000. The operator also signed an agreement with Xiaomi Tech Company, the Chinese smartphone maker created by Kingsoft's CEO Lei Jun, for the joint launch of a contracted Xiaomi Phone.

The other two Chinese telecom operators China Telecom and China Mobile also reported accumulated 3G users of over 30 million.

In November 2011, China Telecom gained 3.1 million new mobile users, including 2.16 million 3G users. During the first 11 months of 2011, China Telecom's newly increased 3G users reached 21.06 million and the total number of its 3G users reached 33.35 million by the end of November.

China Mobile gained 5.43 million new users in November 2011, including 2.679 million 3G users. By the end of November, it had 48.007 million 3G users.


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