Chinese software provider UFIDA Software Company Limited has published a report stating that its net profit for 2011 is expected to increase by between 40% and 80% year-on-year.

The company said that with the expected growth rate, its profit attributable to shareholders may reach between CNY133 million and CNY260 million. The company's profit attributable to shareholders was CNY332 million in 2010. The company will formally announce its earnings for 2011 soon.

In regards to the performance growth, UFIDA explained that the company continued to enhance investments in main businesses, accelerated the distribution of regional marketing units, and strengthened business expansion in target industries. These strategies had positive impacts on the development of its main China businesses and operating revenue, leading to the fast growth of revenue and net profit.

UFIDA Software Company Limited is one of the leading providers of management software solutions and services in Asia. Established in 1988, UFIDA is recognized as an outstanding software company for its quality products and professional services used by a vast enterprise customer base of over 500,000 across the region. Listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the company has 41 branches in mainland China, and oversea branches or presences in Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore.


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