Apple has reportedly put pressure on its Taiwanese OEM to make it stop manufacturing Asus' laptop product Zenbook, which looks like Apple's MacBook Air.

Taiwan's China Business Times reported that due to the pressure, the Taiwanese OEM Pegatron Corporation will not make Zenbooks for Asus. Asus has not yet released any comments on the news.

Apple reportedly gave Pegatron an offer they could not refuse: stop making Zenbooks or lose Apple as a client. Pegatron started making iPhones for Apple from 2011 and it is obvious that the company wants to continue the cooperation with Apple.

As the result of this decision, Pegatron will apparently terminate the manufacturing of Zenbooks from March 2012; and this will force Asus to transfer the OEM project to Compal or Wistron, two other OEMs in Taiwan.

Apple published its original design for MacBook Air in January 2008 and it made some amendments to the design in October 2010.


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