Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings Limited has published its annual results for 2011, stating that its operating revenue increased by 35.7% to HKD13.41 billion; its operating profit increased by 29.4% to HKD1.43 billion; and its net profit increased by 35.1% to HKD1.02 billion.

The group achieved another year of success and sustained growth in 2011. Its consolidated turnover increased by 36% from HKD9.88 billion in 2010 to HKD13.407 billion in
2011. The increase in turnover was mainly fueled by the strong growth of smartphone sales and data usage in mobile business, complemented by steady growth in fixed-line business.

EBITDA of the group rose 19% from HKD2.194 billion in 2010 to HKD2.611 billion while operating profit increased by 29% from HKD1.107 billion in 2010 to HKD1.432 billion in 2011. Profit attributable to shareholders of the company increased from HKD755 million in 2010 to HKD1.02 billion in 2011, representing a growth of 35%. Basic earnings per share in 2011 were 21.17 HK cents, compared to 15.68 HK cents in 2010.

The board of directors recommends the payment of a final dividend of 10.70 HK cents per share for 2011, or HKD516 million in total. Together with the interim dividend of 5.16 HK cents per share, this brings the full year dividend to 15.86 HK cents per share. Total full year dividend represents 75% of profit attributable to shareholders
for the year, which is in line with the dividend policy of the company, and represents a 56% increase compared to that in 2010.

Peter Wong, chief executive officer of the group, said that they successfully delivered sustained growth and created value for shareholders and customers in 2011. Both revenue and profit of the group continued to grow. Their mobile operations not only provided customers with convenient and comprehensive sales services with enhanced retail presence, but also boasted the largest amount of available radio spectrum bandwidth for service provision in Hong Kong.

He also said that their fixed-line operations continued to grow its carrier, corporate and residential businesses by further expanding its local coverage and providing a fully integrated offering to customers. Their international and IDD businesses continued to grow as they expand their overseas coverage and interconnections with operators worldwide via their comprehensive network. The company will endeavor to capitalize on the data era with its fixed-mobile integrated capabilities and a greater range of competitively priced and attractive service offerings.


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