Chinese telecom operator China Telecom held the grand opening ceremony of its new subsidiary, China Telecom Global Limited, in Hong Kong.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, China Telecom Global Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Telecom. It combines China Telecom's former overseas business expansion department, Hong Kong branch, European branch, and American branch.

China Telecom said that the establishment of China Telecom Global Limited is an important strategic decision of China Telecom to accelerate overseas expansion, and to improve its global business delivery and service abilities.

Since the opening of its office in North America in 2000, China Telecom has developed branches in Hong Kong, United States, and Europe. These branches are responsible for the carrier's business in 26 countries and regions worldwide, building 32 overseas POPs and pumping 1,900G international transmission export bandwidth; participating in the construction of over ten submarine cables; and accessing 11 countries via land cables.

China Telecom said supported by Chinese mainland resources, China Telecom Global Limited will serve multinational corporate customers, especially Chinese companies which develop overseas businesses and foreign companies which enter the Chinese market.


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