Chinese telecom operator China Mobile unveiled last week a CNY18 daily international roaming package in 63 countries and regions frequented by Chinese travelers.

Meanwhile, the company will include 62 countries and regions, including Canada and Russia, into its CNY1, CNY2, and CNY3 international roaming fee zones. So far, all the 242 countries and regions where China Mobile has opened its international roaming services are included in these three zones.

Prior to this, China Mobile announced that starting from February 1, 2013, the company would launch a CNY1, CNY2, and CNY3 new international roaming fee charging system in countries and regions such as the U.S., South Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong. In these countries and regions, China Mobile's users only need to pay CNY0.99, CNY1.99 or CNY2.99 per minute to dial a call.

At that time, China Mobile said that 57 other countries and regions would join this system in July 1, 2013, and China Mobile's international roaming services would be no more than CNY3 per minute by then.

In addition, China Mobile plans to optimize its international long-distance IP service and lower the fee to CNY0.39 per minute.


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