Zhang Dongchen, vice president of Baidu, announced at the 9th Global Mobile Game and Channels Conference that Baidu will integrate its Duokoo mobile game business with its 91 Wireless game business to formally establish a Baidu-branded mobile game division.

Zhang said that following the integration, Baidu will assign staff to take charge of mobile game products and will invest an unreported sum to support the game business.

Rumors of this integration have been circulating for weeks. Li Mingyuan, vice president of Baidu, previously revealed via internal emails reported by Chinese media that the 91 Wireless distribution team will combine with the Baidu mobile assistant team and a new Baidu mobile application distribution team will be established. At the same time, 91 Wireless' game operating business would combine with Duokoo to form a new Baidu mobile game operating team, which is attached to Baidu consumer business group.


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