Chinese search engine Baidu has officially opened its big data engine to provide big data storage, cloud computing analysis and research technologies to the outside world.

Baidu's big data engine is formed by three core modules: an open cloud, data factory, and Baidu brain. By applying platform and interface technologies, Baidu will open its big data storage, analysis, and intelligent processing functions, creating what is claims to be the world's first open big data engine.

With this open big data engine, Baidu's cooperating organizations and enterprises will be able to use Baidu's big data structure via the Internet to process their own accumulated big data. Meanwhile, they can integrate Baidu's big data technologies to improve enterprise management and business model links in traditional industries.

The opening of Baidu big data engine will happen gradually. It currently has an invitation system and free-of-charge mode to first cooperate with traditional sectors such as government, non-governmental organization, manufacturing, medical, finance, retail, and education.

China's national transport management unit reportedly plans to relocate parts of its application plans to the Baidu open cloud platform. The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention also plans to combine disease control big data and Baidu big data to establish China's first flu forecasting system.


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