The Chinese government already has direct access to the online activity of the country's netizens, and that access is about to get even more pervasive through a new wearable technology from China's top search engine.

The newly-launched BaiduEye prototype was unveiled yesterday at the Baidu World 2014 conference. BaiduEye does not need a screen and users can give commands to BaiduEye by gestures like circling an item in the air with a finger or picking up the item to realize recognition and analysis of the item.

BaiduEye's major function is to help users expand vision and completely integrate online and offline services. It can implement image analysis of visual information and provide users with more background information and related services about the things they see by combining Baidu's big data analysis capacity and human-computer interaction technology to help users perceive the world and access services.

BaiduEye will first be targeted at certain sectors such as education, e-commerce, transportation, and public services. Meanwhile, the no-screen interaction method is suitable for senior citizens, children, and visually challenged people.

BaiduEye's creators claim their product is totally different product from the Google Project Glass. Google Project Glass integrates smartphone, GPS and camera functions. With an external screen, Google's product can take pictures and videos, implement video calls, receive and send emails and messages, and inquiry information.


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