Chinese Internet video company announced that they have established a new smart hardware development company named Leie.

Leie will focus on the development of smart hardware to connect smartphones and smart TVs and establish a smart product ecosphere with content and applications focusing on health, entertainment, sports, and families.

The company appointed Peng Gang, former chief marketing officer of smart device business cluster, as new senior vice president of Letv Holdings and president of Leie. Peng will directly report to Jia Yueting, chairman and chief executive officer of Letv. In the future, Peng will be responsible for the construction of Letv's smart product ecosphere.

Peng said the future smart hardware should have service-oriented content and its ultimate goal is to learn user habits and recommend suitable content for users. Meanwhile, smart hardware should be personalized and can be customized in accordance to different user carriers and demands.

The Leie brand originates from Letv's "Made for Lemi" project, which means made for Letv fans. At present, Leie has two products: a smart storytelling machine and a Bluetooth headset.

Financial terms, including capitalization levels, of the new company setup were not released.


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