China's National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center recently found a new Android mobile phone virus named Android/SmsSpy.ccr.

According to VERC, this new virus is an SMS interception trojan. The source code of this virus is very common on the Internet and the SMS interception code can be easily written with the source code, which leads to the large number of its variations and frequent appearance.

The virus can read and access short message contents, access network resources, read programs, write programs write to SD cards, access contact information, and gain related information about latest running tasks.

In addition, the virus will hide its icon after installation, activate the device manager, and prevent uninstallation.

VERC urges mobile phone users to be wary about opening attachments and connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots where security may further compromise mobile devices.


  1. My mobile have Chinese virus and we can't delete any file from my phone and SD card and show that you can't delete any hidden file I am very upset about these situation we have mobile Chinese file. Hide file 50


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