Chinese mobile marketing platform Mobvista announced that the company will invest USD11.72 million to acquire a 90.01% stake in GameAnalytics, a mobile game data analysis company in Europe.

GameAnalytics' major business is providing behavioral data analysis of free players to mobile game developers, and the information is then used for retaining and monetizing players.

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Denmark, GameAnalytics' teams are working in Copenhagen and London. GameAnalytics' network has over 22,000 games with 350 million monthly active users. It also formed partnerships with major gaming engines and development platforms, including Unity, Fabric, Unreal, Marmalade, Corona, and Xamarin. The acquisition will not change the service nature of GameAnalytics and this platform will continue to provide mobile game developers with free-of-charge data analysis services.

On the completion of the acquisition, Mobvista will provide developers with mobile digital marketing services and advertising-based monetization solutions. Meanwhile, with GameAnalytics' user database, the Chinese company will improve its existing people tag and audience portrait, so as to optimize accuracy of programmed placement and increase advertising revenue.

In addition, Mobvista revealed that in February 2016, the company acquired American native advertising platform NativeX for USD25 million, marking its formal entry into North America.


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