Zhang Chen, chief technology officer of JD.com, announced the company's VR/AR strategy and has established the first e-commerce VR/AR industrial alliance to make virtual reality and augmented reality core research directions for the company.

Zhang said that in the technology sector, JD will provide a set of unified modeling tools which allow users to make e-commerce applications and VR/AR content with unified standards. Meanwhile, the company will establish a content distribution platform to solve the current lack of content within the sector.

JD's VR/AR industrial alliance integrates over 30 VR/AR upstream and downstream enterprises, covering a complete VR/AR ecosystem. With brand, marketing, operations, and finance methods, the company will organize industrial resources to provide full support to VR/AR companies. At the same time, the company has launched VR.jd.com and established a VR social networking community.

Apart from creating VR shopping experiencea, JD will focus more on AR service distribution. The company believes that AR will better improve consumers' shopping experience in sectors like home decoration and renovation. At present, JD is cooperating with home decoration VR and AR content producing companies to jointly explore the possibilities in this field.

JD said that the company will complete its full VR/AR layout during the first half of 2017.


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