Horizon Robotics, a Chinese start-up focusing on artificial intelligence algorithm chips, systems, software, and hardware, revealed that the company has reached a deal with Intel.

According to Horizon Robotics, they will launch an Advanced Driver Assistance Systems product prototyping system together with Intel during CES 2017 in Las Vegas. This system is reportedly based on a monocular camera and FPGA. Horizon Robotics is the technical solutions provider for the system, while Intel offers hardware support.

Yu Kai, chief executive officer of Horizon Robotics, said that they will show the testing video of this system to the public. Yu also emphasized that their cooperation with Intel is open and non-exclusive.

At present, this system can realize ADAS functions in both highway and urban road scenes. It can realize real-time and simultaneous detection and identification of vehicles, lane lines, pedestrians, and driving areas.

Financial terms of the Horizon and Intel deal were not released.


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