QQ Cyclone, Tencent's tool for downloading files, has published an online notice stating that due to business development adjustments QQ Cyclone will stop operation from September 6, 2017.

Users need to transfer their files away from QQ Cyclone before September 6. Otherwise, the files will be deleted and cannot be transferred or restored after the deadline.

QQ Cyclone was launched in 2008. In November 2014, Tencent announced plans to close QQ Cyclone's cloud player function on November 7 and QQ's members would not be able to watch online videos with seeded files. With QQ Cyclone shutting down the cloud player service, Xunlei is the only one that still provides cloud player services in China. Now as Tencent terminates QQ Cyclone entirely, Xunlei becomes the only company that operates in the downloader sector.

Tencent also recently announced to stop operation of another product: Pengyou.com. Tencent said that due to business adjustments, Pengyou.com would stop services and operations on August 6, 2017. They reminded users to download and backup their photos and data as soon as possible before the yesterday deadline.


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