China's A8 Digital Music Holdings Limited has signed a two-year cooperative agreement with HIM International Music Inc. to give A8 the transferable exclusive right to use all the songs in the HIM music bank in the mobile sector in mainland China over the next two years.

Liu Xiaosong, chairman of A8, stated: "We are very pleased to be working with HIM, which is known for its ability to nurture new artists. Over the years, it has successfully groomed S.H.E. and Fahrenheit whom have loyal followers in the Greater China region. They are so popular that there will be a huge demand for their ringtone and ringback tone products. Furthermore, with 3G mobile communications kicked off in the country, multimedia ringback tone and full track downloads are going to be very easy and thus in great demand. We are looking at a mobile music market with immense potential and expect the music provided by HIM can consolidate our leading position in the digital music market, shaping up A8 to be the number one digital music company in China."

HIM will be able to use the A8 platform as a music source and a promotional platform for its budding artists and new songs. Also, HIM will work closely with A8 in talent resources allocation, such as arranging artists to attend A8 events. The cooperation is going to serve as a platform for musicians in mainland China and Taiwan to interact and engage in artistic creation.

The partnership will allow A8 to enrich its music bank and attract more business from telecom operators with its quality music contents and hence boost income.


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