Chinese smartphone brand OnePlus announced to cooperate with Finnish carrier Elisa to launch 5G commercial phones in Finland in the second quarter of 2019.

With this move, OnePlus will become the first batch of smartphone brands to launch 5G smartphones in the Finnish market.

OnePlus has been maintaining a cooperation relationship with Elisa during recent years. Over the past 26 months, OnePlus was ranked No.1 on Elisa's mobile phone sales list.

Antti Ihanainen, director of Elisa, said that Elisa is one of the largest carriers in Finland and it is one of the world's first carriers to put 5G network into use. They hope to provide the best mobile phone products to users and allow them to enjoy funs brought by 5G. To them, OnePlus is a good suitable cooperation partner.

In December 2018, OnePlus also announced strategic cooperation with British mobile carrier EE and they will launch the first 5G commercial smartphone in Europe in 2019.


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