Digital map company Here Technologies announced that they have reached cooperation with Chinese digital map provider NavInfo to offer location services in China.

Here Technologies said that they will provide route and navigation services and map display and location services in the Chinese market. At present, China is the largest passenger car market in the world.

According to the cooperation agreement signed by the two parties, NavInfo will provide China map data and Here will transfer the data into its own global format, which will make it compatible with maps and location services provided by other regions of the world.

Peter Kuerpick, chief technology officer of Here Technologies, said that by cooperating with NavInfo, Here will be able to expand its services into the Chinese market, which marks an important step for providing global solutions to customers.

In August 2015, BMW, Audi and Daimler announced to invest EUR2.5 billion, which was about USD2.7 billion, in acquiring Nokia's digital map business Here Technologies. Based on the agreement signed at that time, BMW, Audi and Daimler would hold equal shares of Here Technologies on the completion of the transaction.


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