China's Xiaomi recently implemented its fourth restructuring, during which the company appointed Cui Baoqiu as vice president of Xiaomi Group and chairman of the group's technology committee.

Cui will directly report to Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi Group.

Cui previously worked for IBM's Silicon Valley lab, Yahoo, and LinkedIn, focusing on machine learning and big data. In June 2016, Cui joined Xiaomi and established Xiaomi's artificial intelligence and cloud platform teams, making great contributions to Xiaomi's open source strategy, big data, artificial intelligence, security, and privacy protection.

At the same time, Xiaomi set up five major units during the restructuring, which will all directly report to Lei. It is said that Xiaomi established artificial intelligence unit, big data unit, and cloud platform unit, aiming to strongly promote the company's AI, AIoT and cloud platform technology development. It added the fifth Internet unit for localization of overseas basic applications, browser, information stream business, and overseas Internet commercialization. The company also established Internet commercial unit, which is responsible for the group's Internet business commercialization and related target realization in the Chinese market.


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